Scaffolding Services North East

We specialise in providing scaffolding and access solutions across all industries.

Traditional Tube & Fitting

Tube & Fitting Scaffolding is recognised as traditional scaffolding and allows for complex geometries.  Tube and fitting allows us to design and adapt the structure in a very flexible way that some system scaffolds do not offer.  While we offer a range of services, tube and fitting does still have it’s place on site.

Modular System Scaffolding

We are one of the largest users of modular scaffolding and as such we have a dedicated team of scaffolders who specialise in erecting modular scaffolding applications.

With our modular scaffolding you can expect a professional and cost effective scaffold solution.

Design Scaffolds

We are scaffolding design experts and are often called upon to design and engineer an array of scaffolding design solutions.

Our experience includes; truss-out and cantilever scaffold, buttressed free-standing scaffold, temporary roofs and buildings, loading gantries and towers, suspended access and protection platforms, bridging scaffolds, special access systems and independent scaffolds.

Suspended Scaffolds

Using suspended scaffolding or drop scaffolding does not affect the daily running of your building or impose on the public highway.

We can install a wide range of suspended scaffolding that can adapt to the shape and structure of your building.

Our suspended service provides you with safe access solutions and fall protection.


Protection of work and containment of dust and debris is a hugely important part of any job and we can provide a number of solutions for this.

Our shrink wrapping is a quick, cost-effective solution for the encapsulation of all types of scaffolding structures. We can design, build and wrap the entire structure.

Our wrapping is being used in applications large and small and for every kind of encapsulation.

Scaffolding Estimates

We can provide estimates for all types of scaffolding work, big or small projects and across various industries.

We offer a full service for designing scaffolding installations to a full fit and installation with an experienced work force, trained to the highest levels in health and safety.

Contact G-Storm scaffolding for any enquiry, big or small and we will be glad to help you.